Food is a sign of cultural celebration, of the fun we strive for after a hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Yatta enlivens the culinary festivities of Japanese through the spirit of Izakaya concept where food is greatly used to to tell stories. More than 200 items of our menus tell different stories about cultures, about rituals, about memories and ultimately about people. Taste the true essence of Japanese cuisine with a slight twist of other Asian inspired. A perfect setting for quality and price, our affordable menu here take you through a range of food styles from fresh sushi and sashimi to an array of tempura and Yakitori selections. Yatta produces high-quality dishes taking advantage of the peerless ingredients to be found in this country. Local products sourced from all over the Archipelago that the chefs personally select straight from the best production areas.

Bringing the spirit of Izakaya to the room means to spread the fun, exciting ambience end-to-end. Expect to dine in a inviting situation all around the corner. From the front gate, a typical street display projects the real kiosks along an alley somewhere in Tokyo. Enter is a relaxing semi-outdoor interior with an isle of an identical Japanese-pub bar. Every day at Yatta seems always to be a good time having a lively feast.


Here the dishes retain balance with full range of Japanese traditional and modern recipes with a slight twist of Asian-inspired cuisines. The emphasis on top-notch ingredients and cooking techniques is apparent in every bite. No complicated seasoning, only dynamic flavors.
What is an Izakaya style in Ubud?
The popularity of Izakaya dated back in the sixteenth century when sake brewers served the drink with food at their storefronts in Japan. That time Izakaya was known as a bar to drink and have small bites while socializing in groups. Today, dining in an Izakaya-concept restaurant means to have good food, drink and amusing environment. There is no certain menu to describe an Izakaya-concept restaurant as long as it is authentic Japanese recipes such as sushi, sashimi, yakitori or ramen. In Japan, people can find an Izakaya restaurant in narrow alleys that is open until late at night. The place seems to combine the casual yet fun ambience inviting all kind of people from any classes. In Tokyo, people often escape to Izakaya after a crazy long-hour work, dining in a group of friends to have some fun.

Wherever Izakaya is located the style is apparently similar. The typical Japanese facade is decorated with has moody neon lights or red lampion lights. Inside, there must be a bar in front of an open kitchen for an easy access to the cook. Here the amusement starts. Guests can talk face to face with the cook, sometimes even they raise glass together and sometimes shout for a good time. It is sort of a night entertainment for white collar Japanese blowing off some steam.They can stay there for hours just to spend time chatting while nibbling and sipping.

In Ubud, the concept of Izakaya has a same-different purpose. Here in the mystical area of Bali, Ubud has no particular urban movement. Everything runs smoothly, going with the flow of the soothing wind. To enjoy the fun ambience of an Izakaya means to embrace the holiday mood and spend time for leisure as much as possible. The value of Japanese food that should be proceeded slowly, taking its time to be perfectly presented concurrently represents Ubud. And these two significant elements of Japanese and Balinese culture intertwine in Yatta Izakaya Ubud.